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#371 is a concert scale, 8" dia. head banjolele. Tunable head (w/ tuning wrench), geared tuners and polished aluminum armrest. Oak neck & peghead, makore finger board with 15 frets. Sounds great!

NOTE!! #371 is a "second" - it has a couple flaws. First, there was a split in the center lamination of the neck which I repaired with clear CA glue. Unfortunately, the repair is visible in the front of the peg head and in the rear of the neck, near the peg head. I'm sure it is structurally sound, but I'm not completely happy with the appearance. Second, fret #11's slot is not quite deep enough, and as a result the fret needed to be filed quite a bit more than the others, giving it a pretty wide flat on top. But if you (like me) are someone who never plays very far down on the fret board, you'll never notice it :-). In view of these flaws, I've knocked fifty bucks off the price of #371.


  • 8" Banjolele
  • 15" scale, 15 frets (concert)
  • Tunable top, molded "pot"
  • Oak neck & peghead
  • Makore fret board
  • Rosewood & fir bridge
  • Rosewood nut
  • Chrome geared tuners
  • Polished aluminum armrest
  • White position dots
  • Clear fluorcarbon strings
  • 23" long
  • 8 3/4" wide
  • 2 3/4" thick
  • Weighs about 30 ounces
  • Oiled fret board
  • Lacquer finish on neck
  • Completed December 2016
Fits in a Hohner Lanikai concert size ukulele case, probably others (no case included).

Click the picture below for details of all current banjo ukes:

Click here for a video sound sample. NOTE: This is a video of another, virtually identical banjolele, #49. Since the sound of the banjos is almost entirely dependent on the drum head, and since I'm using the same drum on all of them, they all really sound pretty much exactly the same! My verbal description of the wood used, etc. in the video may not match #371 (see above for that).

Click here for a video review by someone else of another virtually identical one :-)

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